Li Juan experimental art education institution headquarters in Beijing, China. It is an independent art education institution which mainly deals with art education and holds art works exhibitions. The institution was found in 1997 by a famous art educator---Lijuan and it grew out of Li Juan experimental art education studio.
    Li Juan experimental art education institution always upholds the education concept---experimental art, conducts the students to devote them into art, fosters the children with a bold learning attitude and then experiences delight in the process of experiments.
    The concept of Li Juan education absorbs some of the ideas, manners and methods of modern art. The imaginative projects are taken as the main teaching clues, like: guess of Obama, exploration & expression of African style, solution to earthquake, sound experiment, transition from odd to even numbers, light experiment, etc. The ability of children to create during working is released, the imagination is encouraged and they learn and experience art with joy and satisfaction. The juveniles who study in the institution create a great deal of energetic and enlightening art works every year. We make a regular exhibition of these masterpieces for the little talents, publish albums of paintings, and arrange communication and academic interviews with children around the world and conversations among teachers.
     Along with the wide acceptance of the value of Li Juan experimental art education institution, some important galleries, arts center of education department and culture activities which possess sense of social responsibility start to invite children of the institution to actively join in them. Wherever works of the children appear, they attract lots of audiences. In particular, the children in the same age and their parents are very interested in them and actively take part in. When adults appreciate the outstanding art works of the children, they are coincidently affected by the independence, freedom and joy which are expressed in these works. To foster the children with independent elaborative faculty, imaginative planning ability, creative working ability and confident ability of expression are our education targets.

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